The four components of a great digital marketing strategy in 2022


The four components of a great digital marketing strategy in 2022

The four components of a great digital marketing strategy in 2022 


In a global economy, your business is left to compete with companies located literally all over the world. Time and again, the winners are the companies that can consistently draw customers to their websites. To successfully do that, it requires companies to create a digital marketing campaign that entices customers to visit and buy, buy, buy.

The digital marketplace is dynamic based on the fact advertising and marketing protocols are constantly changing. Given how hard it is to stay connected to the latest and greatest online marketing protocols, you can certainly benefit by getting information about what you should be doing at any given time. Assuming you are interested in running your own web-based marketing campaign, here are the four components of what would now be considered a great digital marketing strategy.

1. Using Effective Search Engine Optimization

If you get a consistent stream of online business via word-of-mouth advertising, you should consider yourself lucky. The reality is most online businesses go unknown until someone goes searching for what a business has to offer. At that point, all businesses in a particular space are at the mercy of search engine searches.

To pass online muster, you must get your website to the top of the list in relevant search engine searches. To do that, your online marketing campaign must focus on SEO.

What is SEO? The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search optimization requires the use of keywords and keyword positioning to help drive a particular web page to the top of the search rankings. To be clear, trying to explain the entire scope of Search Engine Optimization in a limited post is near impossible.

We start with a focus on Google. Why? More than 80% of all internet searches are done through Google. With that being a fact, Google sets the optimization rules and how they affect the search engine’s algorithms.

Since search engines keep their algorithms secret, it challenges digital marketers to figure how how to use the proper optimization protocols. Sometimes, that has to be done by trial and error. At the most basic level, effective SEO will require the inclusion of all the right “catchphrases” that searchers will use to find that for which they are searching.

2. Connection to Social Media


If your business is not on all the relevant social media platforms in 2022, your business doesn’t exist online. Every day, more and more merchants and service providers are turning to sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to market their goods and services. Is your business connected to social media?

The fact is the aforementioned social media platforms and more now offer consumers access to special markets. In fact, Facebook Shops has quickly risen to the level of being one of the largest and most trafficked social media marketplaces on the internet.

When you turn your marketing efforts to social media platforms, here are a few tips on how to keep things moving forward:

  • Keep your social media marketing campaigns directed at one product/service with each ad
  • Don’t forget remarketing efforts to customers and prospective customers that have already given your business a look
  • Post your marketing ads on a regular schedule to meet customer expectations
  • When using Facebook markets, make sure to take advantage of the Facebook Ads’ lead generation option
  • Constantly monitor and optimize your social media marketing programs
  • Provide opportunities for customer interactions with your business

3. Search Engine Marketing

While Search Engine Optimization can help drive customers to your website or websites, it still might not bring you the kind of customer traffic you want or need. A great way to make sure you put your goods/services in front of as many prospective customers as possible would be to include search engine marketing (SEM) as part of your marketing strategy.

SEM refers to the process of bidding to have pop-up ads appear on other websites. These types of ads are often referred to as pay-per-click ads. These ads can appear as text ads or full-blown visual marketing ads that make clear what product or service is being offered.

What you need to know about SEM at the most basic level is two things: keywords drive these advertising campaigns and SEM “ad auctions” determine which ads pop up where, when, and how often.

As is the case with SEO, you can use free keyword tools to help you figure out which keywords will service your business the best. When participating in ad auctions, your focus should go towards your monetary bid and the quality of your ads. There are other factors that can lead to winning bids, but these are the two factors that are most relevant.

4. Using WordPress with Killer Landing Pages

At the end of the day, your web-based marketing efforts need to be supported by really cool web landing pages. This means your landing pages need to have the right text with keywords, great visual content, and interactive components that keep customers on board and coming back for more.

WordPress has evolved to be a great website development tool. From the company’s “canned” templates to the creative customization tools the platform offers, WordPress makes it possible and easy for you to create landing pages that have that “wow” factor.

As you can see, online marketing is both complicated and vital to your business. If you want the best marketing results and have doubts you can get the results you want/need, put your digital marketing campaign in the hands of a professional marketing agency. At WebCie, our marketing agency has had great success at helping our customers bring their digital marketing to the level they need to be in 2022.