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At WebCie we are committed to building the best Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, campaigns for our clients. Our specialists help local business owners grow their businesses through tailored pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns.

Google Ads PPC Management

Our Google Ads campaign management is focused on assuring that we control PPC costs to effectively, over time, help increase your businesses revenue’s, websites visibility and assure the campaign is profitable.

Google Ads, search engine marketing (or SEM), PPC or “paid search”, all synonyms, describe cost-per-click advertising that consists of paying for clicks, on ad auctions sites, like, in this example, Google. The most popular of the ad auction sites appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google.

Every time an advertisement you or your agency has published is clicked on, you, or more specifically, your campaign, incur a cost. Our Google Ads experts pay special attention to ensure that our PPC management maximizes your company’s dollars spent on each click generated from a Google’s Ad auction.

Google Ads auctions – A smarter way to invest digital marketing dollars in 2021

Google AdWords, which as of July 2018 was renamed to Google Ads, is the primary vendor of real-time online keyword auctions on the internet. “The bulk of Google’s 162 billion dollar revenue in 2019 came from its proprietary advertising service, Google Ads.” – Source, Investopedia

WebCie is a certified Google Ads partner agency.

  • Get up to CA$150.00 credit for what you spend on Google Ads during 31 days
  • WebCie is qualified by Google Partners program to create, manage and optimize Google Ads search Campaigns
  • We have Google advertising product knowledge
  • We have met all NEW Google Partner certification requirements as of Feb. 1 2022
  • We have access to Google training and support
  • As a Google Partner, WebCie can help you improve your campaign

The service and results with WebCie so far have more than paid off. We are happy with the results!

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* Prices subject to change without notice.



management fees

+ ad spend at Google

$300 to $999/month

One language

$325 account setup one time fee

  • Google Ads Search Campaign only

  • Creation of objectives

  • Setting up ad groups

  • Research and evaluation of 10 to 20 keywords

  • Configuration of extensions

  • Google Analytics & Conversion integration

  • Local city level targeting only

  • Monthly campaign performance report

If you need more options, please consider our Standard pro OR custom plans.

Standard pro


management fees

+ ad spend at Google

$1000 to $3999 /month

French and English

$390 account setup one-time fee

  • Google Ads Search & Display Network (Optional)

  • Creation of objectives

  • Setting up ad groups

  • Research and evaluation of 20 to 40 keywords

  • Configuration of extensions

  • Google Analytics, Conversion integration & tracking

  • Local targeting only (City wide, not provincial,National or international)

  • Ad retargeting according to the objective

  • Monthly campaign performance report

If you need more options, please consider our custom plan OR contact us.


Price TBD based on needs

Flat rate OR % of advertising expense

+ ad spend at Google

$3999 /month and +

French and English

Account setup one time fee (fee tbd after needs analysis)

  • Google Ads Search Network & Display Network

  • Shopping campaign available where it applies and can help performance

  • Video/YouTube campaign available if creative assests exist and can help performance

  • Search and evaluate keywords as needed

  • Configuration of extensions

  • Google Analytics, Conversion integration & tracking + manual conversion creation/integration

  • Local & Provincial targeting

  • Monthly performance & assessment call per month

If you need more custom options please contact us.


Google pay per click (PPC) management

A certified Google Partner Agency, WebCie’s “paid search” and PPC management experience can help business owners quickly see the benefits of advertising on Google.

Our Google Ads management services include communicating and reporting on what is working in your campaign(s) and where improvement may be required. With this information and your feedback our clients can leverage our partner status to gain insights on how to further maximize campaigns quickly, focusing on the more profitable areas of your campaign(s) and quickly cut out areas that do not show promise.

As a Google Partner Agency your company will be able to benefit not only from our direct experience with “paid search”, however, tap into Google recommendations provided directly from Google. Over time, this adds an additional measure of assistance to ensure that you are able to grow your business with Google comfortably through incremental increases in spend where justified.

I have been doing business with WebCie for 4 years and they are a great team, attentive to customer needs, very good service. Thanks Chris!

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Google Ads agency Montreal WebCie photo app

  • We build campaigns in French & English
  • We focus on Google search & search partners primarily
  • WebCie is specialized in the product area of Search
  • We build Campaigns, ad groups & ads specific to your Geographic and demographic target market
  • We test, test & then test some more to be sure all is working

Google Adwords paid search Montreal WebCie photo

  • SEM is a great way to target markets close and far
  • You can track everything from actions taken on your site to phone calls
  • Target customers near and far
  • Scale your budget to grow with your company

Advantages “paid search” ads to grow and protect existing business interests

Analyze the overall demand for your products and services offered

“Paid search” management requires that PPC costs, monthly keyword search volumes, negative keyword triage, conversion data, and more be scrutinized regularly. Doing so will provide proper understanding and insightful analysis into what is working versus what is not. A cornerstone of successful Google campaign management.

Our ads agency assures that we will create a search engine marketing strategy tailored to fit your company’s priorities that at the same time remains within your pre-defined budget.

Search engine marketing with Google can help target new customers while protecting your existing clientele

It is important to communicate to our clients that Google Ads marketing helps target new customers but at the same time can help protect your company’s brand and existing customer base by allowing you to cost effectively bid on your brand or companies products at a PPC cost that your Google Ad competitors will likely not be able to match.

It goes without saying that one of your main goals will be to make sure that your ads reach your target audience. While ensuring that your current customers are able to find you at any time of the day within your budget.

Google Ads Management Services

Our service offering is to regularly monitor and analyze the campaigns we create (or manage) for our customers. For this, we make adjustments when necessary based on:

• best practices for Adwords
• the cost per click method
• in addition to taking into account your comments.

After all, no software can better assess the impact of advertisements than a confirmation from customers that sales have increased!

WebCie combines pay per click management into our search engine marketing solutions in order to get the best possible return on your marketing investment. Our ultimate goal is to get the most conversions for every dollar spent at the lowest cost possible.

Here are some additional advantages of using pay per click (PPC) marketing:

Pay per click advertisements are customizable, meaning that your ads can be configured to display:

• in certain geographic regions,
• at certain times of the day,
• and on certain pre-selected websites.

This is just the beginning! The level of customization options available today to any small business owner can be overwhelming. This is why partnering with WebCie is good for your business.

Ultimately, we will be able to help bridge the results you are receiving in the online world with the real-world business goals. We do not simply manage campaigns on your company’s behalf. We work with companies to assess the real impacts of pay per click advertisements.

Done properly, cost-per-click advertising can generate results quickly

Statistics and reporting are available for every advertisement campaign we run for our clients. The statistics and reports available are reviewed monthly to see which keywords, ads, costs are most effective and most expensive. With this information, and real-world feedback from your company, we can quickly ascertain whether or not

• a particular campaign is underperforming expectations
• performing as expected
• or performing better than expected.

Many business owners attempt to manage their own PPC campaigns initially in an effort to save money on the pay per click search engine marketing fees charged. However, many business owners in our experience report that they have felt that they were never able to reach their true goals.

Webcie provided the results they promised at a reasonable price. Highly recommended

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Getting the most out of search engine marketing and pay per click advertising comes from the experience acquired from building and managing many campaigns over a sustained period of time.
If you would like to take advantage of Google AdWords), contact WebCie, a Google Ads agency in Montreal today, we are confident you will not be disappointed.

If you would like to take your business to the next level regarding Google Ads (AdWords) or Bing Ads, contact WebCie today and explore the search engine marketing services we offer. We are confident you will not be disappointed.

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