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Our SEO services include: on-page, off-page & local SEO services

Put simply, SEO services are an excellent way for a business to increase web traffic to their website. By focusing on technical, on-page and off-page SEO, a business, local or national, can see gains in their online visibility. SEO, when done consistently, will ultimately lead to an increase in leads through the increased website visibiliy SEO ultimately provides.

We’ll do technical, on & off-page SEO to specific webpages to help promote them in search engines for specifc terms that are not only important to you, but searches your clients do every day! 🤓

SEO services available at WebCie

The SEO service our SEO agency provides helps your website with its organic positioning over time thus increasing its positioning for your “desired” keyword. If you understand the concept investing over time to eventually get an excellent return on investment (ROI), you will more easily grasp and appreciate what a long term SEO campaign can do for you. Unlike a Google Ads campaign which can be up and running relatively quickly, SEO is a process of many steps well executed and repeated several times over the course of a campaign.

WebCie will treat your business like it was ours. Your success is our success. We are razor focused on assuring the growth, health, development and success of the website you entrust us to optimize.

Combining multiple digital marketing services in SEO

SEO is not the only digital marketing service that your company should consider if you are looking to generate leads through your website.

We offer a mixed portfolio of organic and local SEO related complementary services such as pay per click Google & Microsoft Ads campaigns PPC campaign management as well as social media management to ensure you have a presence in search and on social.

When possible, we advise our clients to consider combining the search engine optimization, paid search and social media to assure they are sending consistent and strong signales to search engines like Google. Each of these digital marketing channels have their own methodology to ensure their full use, but together, they do offer businesses with the most opportunities to drive in online attention from all corners of the web.

Ask yourself this: “Is my website bringing in the traffic I need?”

If the answer is no, investing in an SEO strategy might be the key to unlocking future growth for your business.

Whether you take on the services of an SEO specialist or hire an entire SEO team to get things rocking and rolling, the common point is if you aren’t invested in SEO or you have given up on it, you are missing an opportunity.

Increase your sites visibilty in search engines for keywords that are important

SEO packages

Single language



French or English

Target keywords - 6

  • Google analytics 4 (GA4), Google Search Console, SEO tools setup

  • Keyword research, and competition monitoring

  • Establish objectives with client, create conversions in GA4

  • Site optimization, website architecture, metadata, internal linking

  • On going link building campaign

  • One new page or blog article per month - TBD

  • Local targeting only - not national

  • Monthly email report, phone call and quarterly meeting

If you need bilingual options, please consider our Bilingual service or call us for a custom quote.

Bi-lingual service



French & English

Target keywords - 12

  • Google analytics 4 (GA4), Google Search Console, SEO tools setup

  • Keyword research, and competition monitoring

  • Establish objectives with client, create conversions in GA4

  • Site optimization, website architecture, metadata, internal linking

  • On going link building campaign

  • One new page or blog article per month - TBD

  • Local targeting only - not national

  • Monthly email report, phone call and quarterly meeting

If you need more information or more seo services than this packages offers please call for a custom quote.

Still Think You Need more?



Do you need - French and/or English or both?

If you are uncertain about the amount of keywords you "should" be targeting or have questions regarding our SEO services that you need answered before you begin, then it is highly advisable to take advantage of a one-on-one meeting, that is free of charge, that will then, should you wish to proceed, be accompanied by a detailed step-by-step SEO audit and quote.


  1. An SEO audit obtained freely with no explanation of the time costs involved in executing the tasks defined in the audit are of little use to someone unfamiliar with the work that will be involved in the optimization of your site(s).

  2. A one-on-one meeting can reveal opportunities to those unaware of the potential they may already have at their disposal e.g. You already own a CMS site and are willing to do SEO on your own, you have staff members that can do certain SEO tasks for you already. This coupled with an audit can make a very big difference in how you approach your SEO strategy and in terms of the costs you will have to pay.

  3. We establish and determine objectives before preparing any quote(s) and explain what we will and will not be done over the course of our work. This will allow you to be better informed of the elements that go into our custom SEO quote.

If you feel your company may benefit from SEO and would like to learn more on how WebCie can help you take advantage of it, feel free to call us for an initial consultation. If after you are interested, then we can proceed with whichever method above you are most comfortable with.

Curious to know what goes into an expert SEO strategy

Simple diagram written with a black marker highlighting all of the many elements that make up modern SEO
There is a lot of work that goes into an excellent SEO campaign!

Conducting an online search is usually the first action done by people looking for something to buy. To capture this market, you need to make sure that your business is one of the first results to appear when an individual search on a search engine. This is the main goal of an effective SEO strategy.

Developing an SEO strategy requires planning, experience and knowledge of what has has not been done to the site in the past. Properly planning your strategy is the best way to find solutions to potential technical SEO issues before they happen. Proper planning is one of the best ways to assure your website will be at the forefront of search engine rankings in the future and then for a long time to come. WebCie will help by allowing you to work with people that are passionate about what they do and that have professional experience and dedication to do required work to help your site improve.

Our job at WebCie is to strategically plan and execute SEO services to assure good site performance on Google, Bing, and the like.

Here is a sample of the many technical SEO aspects we optimize over the course of a typical SEO campaign:


We review your website for proper usage and keyword placement in the following key on-page areas:

  • Title tag
  • Meta-description tag
  • Headers (h1, h2’s h3’s & so on) tags
  • Optimization of image alt tags + naming of your images files
  • Compression of main images
  • Optimization of anchor texts / internal link profile
  • Optimization of Robots.txt
  • Generating a sitemap


Search for target keywords to optimize each page of your website:

  • Design a list of the most relevant keywords to target your audience using words related to your products and / or services
  • Use keyword suggestion tools to expand your keyword list with related phrases
  • Observe your competitors to have more suggestions of keywords related to your expertise
  • Use Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) to identify how we can improve your content
  • Target your keywords locally
  • Refine your keyword list based on search relevance
  • Select the pages that best optimize your site to improve targeted keywords


Your website’s structure :

  • Buy your domain name that contains your keywords.
  • Change your site to HTTPS if you use personal data of customers online.
  • Schedule your site administration accounts for Google and Bing.
  • Remove duplicates in the Title and Meta-Description tags.
  • Optimize the tags H1 to H6 of your pages for the targeted keywords.
  • Optimize the body of text on your web pages.
  • Create easily readable URLs for search engines, file names, subdomains, etc.
  • Inspect your site for broken links and missing anchors.
  • Optimize the speed of your site. The faster it will be, the better you will get good results!

…and the list goes on!

Our Google centric search engine optimization services help. Take advantage of what we in the search industry call ranking today!

It’s a well known fact that running a business is one of life’s toughest challenges.

When you are having trouble increasing your company’s income and profit margins, you can easily feel like you’re alone in the fight. However, in today’s digitized and app laden world, there are actually thousands of ways to increase your visibility. The tough part can be choosing the right one’s, in the right order.

WebCie is an SEO centric agency that can help you plan and make the right choices to take advantage of everything your website has to offer. We’ll help you better understand the challenges that await when embarking on an SEO campaign.

With an agency like WebCie, you’ll work with a company committed to finding the right balance between great service and a budget friendly SEO.

Still want more information on how our multiple SEO services can help your website gain traffic, awesome! Contact us today to talk or set up a meeting with an SEO specialist.