Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Need local SEO done on your website? Perhaps your Google My business SEO is not where you want it to be? If your website is not appearing among the first results of Google’s search engine ranking pages within your neighborhood there is no need to panic. Our SEO agencies local SEO services are here for you.

We help small business owners boost their website and brand visibility using tried and true methods of local search engine optimization. A strategy shown to improve your visibility and consequently help generate qualified local leads from the local market you wish to serve.

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Question…what is local SEO anyway?

Simply put, local SEO is the process of assuring that a website has firstly been optimized with content specific to the local neighborhood it wishes to cater to AND the process of assuring that all local directories and citations are being leveraged to properly assure that a company’s name, address and phone number are properly listed across the internet.

People unknowingly take advantage of local SEO every day when doing various searches that have very local intent behind them. When a Google user searches for a restaurant, a hotel, a bakery, or a gallery, for example, he expects to see Google display a list of businesses that most satisfactorily answer their question or query. The results displayed on a search engine ranking page (or SERP) “should” show results that contain; terms the person used in their search, local companies that have mention of certain words in their online reviews, but also simply companies that in proximity of the searchers device.

Local (or proximity) SEO is an integral part of organic SEO. Local SEO services play a major role in improving your visibility on the “local” internet and are particularly concerned primarily with how visibility will be on Google’s local search engine, Google Maps and specifically the area of Google commonly referred to as the “snack pack”.

By building local SEO, you multiply your chances of appearing for a good number of queries related to your industry in a very close and well-defined geographic area that is in close proximity to your business place. The focus of this particular strand of SEO service centers around helping people “Research Online, Purchase Offline” (or ROPO).

Use a local web agency to boost local SEO!

The ability for companies to geo-locate our devices has greatly changed consumer shopping habits. This has been further exacerbated with the increasing digitization of the general population and massive adoption of smartphones with settings seet to allow companies to target and geo-locate them.

Thank to Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps, internet users now have the ability to benefit from services near their precise location. Where companies come to rely on local SEO services, is when a local company suddenly realizes that they are not appearing in a “local search area’ when they “ought to be”.

Why does this happen?

Google and search engines will often select the company that is closest in proximity to the searcher’s location. However, if a company, or several companies have done a better overall job of appealing to the vast set of criteria that Google uses to determine who to place in the Google Maps areas of their search engine, they will appear more visibly then someone who is possibly actually closer to the searcher. THIS is the benefit of investing in local SEO.

Our Montreal based SEO agency offers tailor-made solutions to help with:

• Management of customer reviews: We work to improve your brand image with Internet users who visit your site. The objective is that they leave positive opinions. It is for this reason that we put special emphasis on the reviews and glowing comments posted and the bounce rate on your pages.
• Proximity between you and your customers: We help you to truly define your peak period. We work on your detailed Google My Business file to allow the Internet user to get in direct contact with you.
• Writing optimized content and quality: We take very seriously the inbound links in our SEO strategies. Our team makes sure they are of good quality. We develop an effective geolocated SEO strategy with the writing of 100 % local content. We are also working to improve our backlink strategy (inbound links) based on geographically targeted SEO .
• Creation and optimization of company records: We are standardizing the information on the directories available online. Our solutions are also technical, because we offer you mentoring in your local SEO. We are able to meet your needs, necessities and requirements relating to your internet presence.

Gain visibility locally with Google My Business

The “free” Google My Business listing available to any and all businesses allows you to enter all the relevant information about your business. It is the relevance of this information that will increase your chances of having a good ranking on Google locally. In this sheet, we will find the opening hours, your address, your means touch, etc.

We will also find the sector of activity in which you intend to position yourself. We will take care of filling in the information in question for you. We go even further, because we work on the visual aspect of your profile by adding photos and processing the reviews that your visitors will leave. It is also the perfect tool for answering internet users’ questions.

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The information that will be provided will have a positive impact on your local positioning in Google Map sensitive areas (i.e., the Google “snack pack” and Google Maps).
Google My Business is an effective means of differentiation and a lever for local SEO optimization. It is essential to increase your visibility on the internet. Do you also care about optimizing your SEO in Montreal?

Contact us to see how our SEO experts can help make your local SEO a priority to get you to rank better in 2020. Thanks to our personalized support, you will see your visibility on the internet increase over time and more importantly see a positive return on your investment.

Local SEO is important. Don’t not be seen. Contact WebCie today for help.