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There is no reason not to look after your online reputation, unless, of course, you cannot because you do not have the time or do not have the know-how. This is where WebCie seeks to help companies with our online reputation management services and our social reputation management services.


The objective of good online reputation management service is to build a positive image of a business on the web over time.


This is done by proactively taking control of each opportunity there is to gain a positive review and/or field, troubleshoot and rectify any negative reviews.

Defining online reputation & social reputation – What is it?

Simply put, a company’s online reputation is defined by the public reviews and comments left on authoritative third party websites across the internet that people can see online when consulting a said brand.

A quick highlight of this can be done by doing a Google search for a local company’s name. The results of your search will often show a series of different review sites that each display a review. The review is often seen in the form of stars rating based on a scale from one star to five stars.

Here are some examples of what you’ll receive with WebCie.


Personalized online review presentation:

Left image below : Facebook page
Center image below : Google reviews
Right image below : Website page

Without forgetting Yelp, Canada 411 and Yellow Pages directory lists which we can guide you for. Our service also include to receive daily updates (which can be communicated to the customer if necessary).

Facebook review example
Google review example
Website review page example

If the company you looked up, has many positive (five-star ratings) reviews then this is a quick sign that the company has a good online reputation. If the company has several negative (1 to 2-star ratings) then this is a sign that the company has a poor online reputation. Finally, what is likely worse, is if there are no reviews whatsoever. A company in today’s day and age can simply not have any customers that are neither satisfied or dissatisfied.

A second popular form of figuring out whether or not a company has a good or bad online reputation comes in the form of comments left on sites in the form of feedback. There are many instances where one would be able to spot negative or positive reviews in the blue links provided in a Google search.

If your company is not proactively working on its online reputation management, then how will it grow, monitor and ultimately control both positive and negative reviews? In today’s online world, it is all too easy for someone to leave a negative review associated with your business.

By not getting proactive and hands-on about your company’s reputation, you risk falling susceptible to allowing others to dictate it. If you are unaware or unresponsive to positive reviews, you are not leveraging the power of the internet to foster excellent relationships with happy customers.

Worse, by not responding or being aware of negative reviews online, you are leaving your company liable to being defenceless to negative reviews.

Online & social reputation management is a process

  • Online reputation audit that includes discovery of reviews both positive and negative

  • Proposal of next steps after findings

  • In course of action, next steps and identifying company contact

  • Set up of the campaign and tools to monitor and track

  • Action plans to be taken for negative reviews and positive reviews

  • Monitoring and responding to alerts

  • Monthly campaign report that includes breakdown of all activities taken such as feedback

  • Customer and staff training to increase volume of requests for reviews on the following sites: Facebook, Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and

How to go about managing & tracking online reputation?

Online reputation management involves :

  • collecting and measuring online reviews,
  • analyzing online sentiment,
  • then promoting the positive and eliminating the negative.

An important first step in managing online reputation is analysis. WebCie analyze sentiment online (whether positive, negative or neutral), will make an initial monitoring reputation on all major social networks, news, images and blogs, and make recommendations for proactive management reputation in order to provide your business with all the tools and technologies necessary to have the highest degree of control over their online business reputation.

Frequently asked questions related to online reputation and social reputation

There are a myriad of questions we have been asked to handle regarding reviews, here are but a few.

  • How do I get rid of negative reviews?
  • How do I get rid of a negative review on Google?
  • How do I get rid of a negative review on Yelp?
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  • Do reviews really set my business apart from my competitors?
  • How can my company better manage it online reputation?
  • How can I use my staff to help increase the volume of positive reviews we have online?
  • How will I know when a negative (or positive) review for my company is made?
  • Who will respond to the reviews?
  • The reviews that someone left for my company are fake! How do I manage this?
  • There is a negative review on a blog, news site or other website that I would like to remove. How can I do so?
  • Someone is purposefully leaving my company negative reviews. How to stop it?
  • Can I contact Google to have them remove a review?

online reviews

More reasons to consider monitoring your online reputation

Transparency and accountability

By encouraging satisfied (and dissatisfied) customers to leave their feedback, you are immediately letting customers know that you are transparent and accountable, prepared for whatever feedback they choose to leave you. After all, there is nothing better than the honest truth. Companies that manage their reputation on this level are confident in their services and therefore over time have far more positive reviews than negative reviews.

Great for local SEO

With the incredible popularity of Google Maps, it is widely agreed that consumer reviews influence local SEO. Not engaging your customers to leave you reviews on this app (whether good or bad) is a costly mistake.

In the event of a true negative review, proactive online reputation management will allow you to at least offer your sincere apologies to the dissatisfied customer (which often will reverse the negative review to a positive one!) or at least help your company hone in on possible weak areas of your business model.

In Summary
Unsurprisingly, online reputation management services have quickly become a staple in many successful companies’ marketing and communications plans. Why? Companies have become responsive to the fact that it is all too easy today for people to leave negative reviews left, right and centre.


Companies, particularly large companies and, unfortunately to a lesser extent smaller companies, have begun to wake up to the fact that customer service has, in large part, moved online.


Companies are now actively listening to their customers are saying ceaselessly, be it on Facebook, Google or Instagram. Not doing so leaves a company at risk of basically losing their next great client to a badly managed review.


Our online review management services monitor, track and report on comments and ratings from across the web on a daily basis allowing us to act as your ally to improve your overall online reputation.

Want to take control of your online reputation? Our team will be happy to discuss with you about your business needs. A negative opinion on the web can cause the loss of several potential customers. Don’t wait another minute!