How to integrate holiday marketing strategies into your local business

Tips On How To Integrate Holiday Marketing Strategies In Your Local Business

How to integrate holiday marketing strategies into your local business

As any business owners would know, the holiday season means putting in extra hours, handling more clients, and an overall increase in workload. While it can be stressful at times, the reality is that this season also signifies extra boosts in business revenue and profits.

In general, all businesses have the goal of ending the year with a strong push. First thing to remember, many business processes that will see an increase in importance during this time, marketing arguably deserves the most attention.

Plan a coordinated digital marketing strategy beforehand!

More over, digital marketing strategies during the holidays allow businesses to benefit from increased awareness, qualified leads, and everything else in between. However, there is one downside to managing digital marketing processes. The downside to it is that it can be technical, in some aspects that require their own time.

Meanwhile, you can’t expect to set up a marketing campaign and leave it on autopilot. Likewise, that will result in huge financial losses. Nonetheless, the reason these processes take so much time is that they play off of one another. For example, both, the paid search and search engine marketing strategies require a high-quality website to send clients to.

So, instead of just focusing on marketing, businesses will also need to focus on maintaining proper website structure. On the whole, we can imagine how much this process can take away from a business that lacks the time to properly implement holiday marketing strategies.

For this reason, this is where the benefit of hiring a local SEO agency comes into play. Not only can a local SEO agency properly implement strategies, but they are also adaptable to fit any need your business may have (during the busy holiday season).

To get a better understanding of how an agency can help your business, let’s take a look at eight tips they use that you can use to integrate holiday marketing strategies in your local business.

8 Holiday Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Your Sales

#1: Start Your Campaign Ahead Of The Holidays

First of all, as a shopper, think about the time most giant businesses start to push out holiday advertisements and website campaigns. Generally, they tend to do it two to three months ahead of time. That said, why not follow in the success of those companies. Starting your campaign ahead of the holidays will give you plenty of time to make adjustments along the way.

#2: Give Your Website A Holiday Theme Makeover

As mentioned before, your business website is the hub of all your marketing processes. For this reason, it would benefit you to give your website, a holiday theme makeover. Just make sure it isn’t a complete website restructure that might take away from the user experience.

#3: Take Advantage Of Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most overlooked digital marketing strategies. However, it tends to provide some of the best results because it is more personal than other marketing strategies. For the holidays, this allows your business to create even more personalized emails that fit around the season.

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#4: Encourage Interaction Through Holiday-Themed Content

The reason search engine marketing is such a popular strategy is that it’s essentially free to implement. It doesn’t require a dedicated campaign budget as most strategies do. However, what it does require is strong content to help your website rank. For the holiday season, it would be a great idea to structure your content around a holiday topic to encourage interaction.

#5: Promote Your Business With Holiday Social Media Posts

Social media marketing is next to strategies like SEO and PPC as being the most effective strategies. The advantages of creating a social media campaign include allowing your business to show their transparency, helps build trust, and can spread business awareness like wildfire. That said, the way you can structure your social media campaign around the holidays is by creating promotional holiday posts. They can even be simple and to the point as long as it includes a call-to-action towards your business.

#6: Draw Out The Holidays With Daily Giveaways

Another great thing about the holidays is that it stretches multiple weeks to make profits. However, one problem that many businesses come across is running out of creative marketing ideas early into a holiday season. A proven way to counter this is by creating a daily giveaway plan to draw out the holidays. This will keep clients engaged and coming back to your business.

#7: Set Up Precision Targeting For Shoppers

The holidays are an easy time to sell products given the volume of daily shoppers. Apart from that, there is a way to further increase the conversion rates of your sales. The tip to accomplish this is known as precision targeting. This setting can be found in any marketing campaign platform and can be segmented by gender, age, or any other factor that may be useful to your business.

#8: Highlight Holiday Discounts Within Your Marketing Messaging

Last but not least, make sure to highlight your holiday discounts within your marketing messages and communications. This could be done with both your search engine marketing paid advertising messaging or your organic content copy. Doing so increases the value of every penny you invest in a campaign by increasing the chances you convert a client into a sale.

If you like this article or would like to find out how you can take advantage of digital marketing this holiday season, contact our web agency today!