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Search Engine Marketing


SEM Marketing in Montreal

We take care of building the best online marketing strategy for your business and we implement a well built and properly managed search engine marketing, or SEM, strategy that incorporates pay per click management (PPC marketing).

Search engine marketing and pay per click advertising primarily revolve around the practice of generating leads and paying for clicks from paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). Every time your advertisement is clicked on, you incur a cost. PPC management is maximizing the dollars spent on each click in the search engine’s real-time keyword auctions.

Google is the primary vendor of real-time online keyword auctions on the internet. The majority of their 2015 revenue ($75 billion) came from AdWords of which $52 billion came from sites Google directly owned.

The service and results so far have more than paid off. We are happy with the results!

Certified Google Partner Agency For Search Advertising

A certified Google Partner Agency, WebCie managed search engine marketing campaigns will help business owners quickly understand exactly where the benefits of advertising on Google come from.

We take the time to necessary to communicate and report on what is working in your campaign(s) and what requires improvement. With this information and your feedback our clients can leverage our partner status to gain insights on how to further maximize campaigns quickly, focusing on the more profitable areas of your campaign(s) and quickly cut out areas that do not show promise.

As a Google Partner Agency your company will be able to benefit not only from our direct experience with AdWords, however tap in to tips and recommendations given directly from Google. Over time, this adds an additional measure of assistance to ensure that you are able to grow your business with AdWords and Google comfortably through incremental increases in spend where justified.

Here are a few things that WebCie’s pay per click management can do for your online presence:

Analyze the overall demand for the products or services you offer
By verifying factors like costs per click, keyword and phrase monthly search volumes, we can create search engine marketing strategies that addresses your priorities while staying inside your budgetary constraints.

Offer a balance between targeting new clients while protecting existing clients

It is important to communicate to advertisers the importance of targeting new clients while at the same time keeping in mind the value of protecting your existing client base. It goes without saying that one of your companies main advertising goals will be to assure that your ads reach as many of your target audience as possible within your current budget while assuring your current customers can easily find you at any time of the day.

Our service offer is to regularly monitor and analyze the campaign(s) we build or manage for our clients making adjustments where necessary based on AdWords and pay per click industry best practices and your feedback. After all, there is not software that can better tell when advertisements are working or not then a customers confirmation that sales are up!

Pay Per Click Management (PPC Marketing)

As mentioned previously, pay per click advertising comprises a large part of any successful search engine marketing strategy. However, in order for this element to be as effective as possible, adequate pay per click management is a must.

WebCie MTL Inc. combines pay per click management into our search engine marketing solutions in order to get the best possible return on your marketing investment. Our ultimate goal is to get the most conversions for every dollar spent at the lowest cost possible.

Some of the advantages of using SEM marketing are:

Pay per click advertisements are customizable, meaning that your ads can be configured to display in certain geographic regions, at certain times of the day and on certain pre-selected websites, but this is just the beginning. The level of customization options available today to any small business owner can be overwhelming.

This is why partnering with WebCie MTL Inc. is good for your business. Ultimately we will be able to help bridge the results you are receiving in the online world with the real world business goals of your business. We do not simply manage campaigns on your companies behalf, we work with companies to assess the real world impacts of pay per click advertisements on your business.

Done properly, pay per click advertisements generate results quickly.

Statistics and reporting are available for every advertisement campaign we run for our clients. The statistics and reports available are reviewed monthly to see which keywords, ads, costs are most effective and most expensive. With this information, and real world feedback from your company, we can quickly ascertain whether or not a particular campaign is underperforming expectations, performing as expected or performing better than expected.

Many business owners attempt to manage their own PPC campaigns initially in an effort to save money on the pay per click search engine marketing fees charged. However, many business owners in our experience report that they have felt that they were never able to reach their true goals. Getting the most out of search engine marketing and pay per click advertising comes from the experience acquired from building and managing many campaigns over a sustained period of time. We offer professional and dedicated pay per click management services your company needs to succeed.

If you would like to take your business to the next level regarding Google AdWords or Bing Ads, contact WebCie MTL Inc. today and explore the search engine marketing services we offer. We are confident you will not be disappointed.

Need more information? Awesome! Contact us today to see how WebCie can help you better manage your future AdWords campaigns.