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Google Street View Trusted Photographer

Google Street View Trusted Photographer in Montreal

See how a Google Street View Trusted photographer can help you capture and present dazzling 360 degree images and videos of your business or venue and share them with the world!

If you run a local business, be it, hotel, restaurant, museum, or otherwise . . .360 degree photos and virtual visits are for you!

Today’s marketplace is such that at any given moment a person can reach into their pocket to pull out their phone to do a local search. When that local search is made, the person is looking for one of two things:

Google Street View Trusted Photographer Montreal
  1. They want to find you!

Either the person is looking for your name directly, your brand or the name of the institution you work for.


  1. A service you offer!

The person may not know you exist. However they need something or want something immediately and are ready to contact the first Google result they think will be able to provide them with an answer.

In both cases, there are ways for companies, institutions and even public areas, to better present themselves by way of taking advantage of immersive and helpful 360 degree photos, virtual tours and videos.

If your small business has set up a Google My Business listing to help provide basic and advanced information on your services, great! You have completed an important first step in helping your business stand out locally.

That said you may not have been aware that your business has more opportunity to stand out than you first realized.

“Street View trusted pros” have met the following criteria as listed on Google Maps/Street View website:

  • Recipients of the Street View trusted badge
  • Distinguished contributors with fifty approved and published 360 photos
  • Featured in our index of for-hire professionals
  • Equipped to use the Trusted brand assets for marketing purposes


Source: https://www.google.com/streetview/contacts-tools/

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