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Google Street View Montreal

Google Street View Montreal

Virtual photographer for 360 degree photography

Google Street View Trusted Photographer Montreal
See how a Google Street View Trusted photographer can help you capture and present dazzling 360 degree photos and virtual videos of your business or venue and share them with the world! Google Street View Montreal and search for WebCie!

Don’t keep your customers in the cold! Welcome them in virtually every time with immersive, high definition 360 degree photography.

If you run a local business, be it, hotel, restaurant, museum, or other…360 degree photography and a meeting with one of our virtual photographer’s would be well worth your time!

Google Maps + street view = more Google traffic…

That’s good business for everybody!

Today’s marketplace is such that at any given moment a person can reach into their pocket and whip out their phone to do a search. More times than not, that search will have local intent in the search. That is, the person will be looking for a local service.

When that local search is made, the person is looking for one of two things:

To find a business by their name or a branded search as we call it in SEO land

What does this mean exactly?

Well…in short, it means they want to find you! They know you, or have heard of you and are pretty much decided that they need something from you.

Your reputation precedes you, and yes, word of mouth has obviously worked for your business! However why stop there?

If the person is on an iPhone or Android powered phone, then you have the ability to offer them so much more visually before they even click to call! A properly built Google My Business listing will allow you to offer so much information that it might in fact help your business generate phone calls for those questions that re rare, but at the same time deter calls for answers that can be simply answered directly via your Google My Business listing. Smart!

Use Google street view, 360 photography and virtual tours!

For the intelligent shopper, giving them the ability to peek directly into your place of business with Google street view, 360 photography and virtual tours (and a slew of other visual options) can only make the potential client more certain that contacting your was the right move to begin with!

Having a complete business listing provided by Google that also includes a 360 degree virtual visit is a surefire way to make sure that you make that potential customer’s experience digitally fluid.

Not only will they quickly find your number, but be able to literally see what the inside of you business looks like in an instant. All thanks to Google Maps street view and all it has to offer.


A service you can offer them, IF, they can easily find you!

Imagine the person pulls up Google or Google maps on their smartphone, except…they have no clue you even exist!!! Yikes! What??? You thought that everyone had heard of you. Everyone referred your business because they were so happy with their last experience….

NO. This is not how this scenario plays out.

This is an opportunity to grab someones attention when they are looking for something they need locally by way of taking advantage of all Google has to offer. In this case, that is optimizing your Google My Business listing by assuring that it is complete, up to date and takes advantage of all it has to offer.

In this scenario, statistics say the potential customer will click on the first Google result they think will be able to provide them with an answer.

Google Trusted Photographers Help Build Complete Google My Business Listings!

Therefor, to make sure your business has the best chances of appearing highly in your neighbourhood for local searches, it’s important to consider a complete Google My Business listing and taking advantage of showing off your business whenever possible with a smartly built profile comprised of photos, 30 second videos and 360 degree virtual tours, photos and videos.

Whether a person is searching for your business by name or is looking for services you offer, there are many ways for you to better present your company, non-profit or public institution by taking advantage of immersive and helpful 360 degree photos, virtual tours and videos made accessible by Google Street View, Google Maps and Google My Business.

Street View trusted pros have met the following criteria as listed on Google Maps / Street View website:

  • Recipients of the Street View trusted badge
  • Distinguished contributors with fifty approved and published 360 photos
  • Featured in our index of for-hire professionals
  • Equipped to use the Trusted brand assets for marketing purposes

Source: https://www.google.com/streetview/contacts-tools/

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